Anxiety. What a word that is, what a feeling, an unexplainable feeling really! Completely different from one person to another, it has the ability to shatter your confidence, cripple you to the point you don't want to leave your house & can downright change who you are as a person & yet, the deeper I get with the people I talk to, the more I get to know them, everybody has it? Or has at least experienced it before, its a phenomenon thats swooping over us right now & what can we do to stop it?

I'll start with my experience with anxiety to get the ball rolling & hopefully help you relate, The first time I rememberfeeling constant anxiety was when I was about 16 & an expectant father, in the months leading up to Masons birth I really struggled with who I was as a person, I struggled at school, didn't care for sport anymore & barley left the house on the weekend. As weeks & months went by, I started feeling secluded by my friends & family, I felt I wasn't wanted/needed anywhere and couldn't find where I fit in. I then found the gym found a new passion, started a business & became a PROUD dad.

Years went by anxiety free when all of a sudden it crept up again, now I say crept up but anxiety doesnt really creep up on you, it jumps you, kicks you down & holds you there, it ambushes you if you will.  I stopped going to the gym, stopped doing things on the weekend, started feeling irrelevant again amongst my friends, couldn't find where I fit in ALL OVER AGAIN, except this time i'm an adult, i'm a father of a five year old, I need to hold myself together & just get shit done, a feeling a lot of you will share i'm sure! You need to get out of bed and go to work, you need to go do the groceries, you need to spend time with your loved ones even though it might be killing you inside.


Believe me, anxiety will not fix itself, it didn't in my case anyway, I like to look at mental health like a fitness goal, for example,
You want to lose 10kg?

What do you do? 

A) Nothing, it'll just fall off itself
B) Maybe go for a walk once or so a week, eating whatever you want, whenever you want
C) Get in the gym, seek the right guidance, choose healthy food options & stick to the plan

I'm hoping you picked C & i'm just going to assume you did now lets look at it from a mental health perspective,

You have anxiety/depression

What do you do?

A) Nothing
B) Nothing
C) Speak to your doctor, loved ones, implement healthy strategies e.g. exercise, food & possibly a mental health plan.

Now i'm not saying fighting these demons off are easy & quick, it will take time, persistence, guidance, patience, courage & every other positive adjective you can think of. 

In the end I guess what i'm trying to say, I've had a lot of clients that have suffered from anxiety and/or depression, a lot of clients that used to train with me in the studio because they didn't feel comfortable in a gym setting & now a lot of clients who inform me how uncomfortable they are at a big box gym working out on the gym floor, but the one thing they all have in common is they are taking that first BIG step out of their comfort zone to better themselves, to make themselves feel better in their own skin, to love life again! And that quite frankly is why I got back into personal training again.

 Reach out, talk to your family & friends about how you're feeling
Go outside & get off your smartphone
Feel your surroundings, feel your feet on the floor, feel the wind in your hair
Take the first step into the new you, they're waiting.....

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