​Well here we are, in the era of shortcuts & handouts! Never before have we been searching for sympathy as much this generation, looking for that magic pill that will help us lose 10 kilos in a week or that shake that will help us gain 10 kilos of muscle in a week, they don’t exist & hopefully never will.
Daytime T.V is over run with gimmicky fitness trends that promise unrealistic results & always fail to deliver, attention spans are getting shorter & the sense of accomplishment barely matters anymore.
We’re all looking for handouts & freebies, we’re all looking for opportunities to be given to us instead of earned. We post statues on Facebook asking if anyone has any work instead of entering the big bad world by yourself & finding what you need. We’re all fussy about what job we want but have no problem scabbing money off friends & family in the mean time. You want to travel the world? Go to work, every single day & save your ass off, don’t set up a “gofundme” page with a sob story in hopes people will donate, one thing I’ve learnt in my short 20 years of life is, the world doesn’t owe you a fucking thing.
Now what inspired me to write this blog today was the fitness industry, the fitness industry is absolutely booming right now, which is a good thing but also at the same time, a bad thing. Personal trainers are sitting on their ass expecting clients to come to them, no one wants to actually put in the work and go find their clients. Clients don’t want to put in 6-12 months of work to accomplish their goals when they see bullshit Instagram posts that will “get them to their goals in 4 weeks” We live in a world where personal trainer are altering the positions their clients stand in for their progress photos instead of taking natural pictures all because we’re forced to compete with these ridiculous claims & programs that aren’t sustainable in day to day life.
It can take months, years to accomplish a big change in your body! Change takes time & patience

​I was speaking to a friend not long ago and he told me one of our mutual friends was going to start taking steroids, now some people require steroids to accomplish their fitness goals & wanting to get a certain look. But this person was no bigger than 65 kilos, been going to the gym inconsistently for under 6 months & had never even attempted to meal prep. We are all after shortcuts & the easiest way possible, no one wants to take the hard road.
In my opinion, the best thing about a fitness journey, whether you’re trying to get as big & muscular as you can or whether you’re trying to shred fat, you find out A LOT about yourself on the way. You learn commitment, work ethic, dedication & you honestly find out who you are (as corny as that sounds)
In summary, remember whether its fitness, work, mindset or lifestyle, consistency & persistence is key, you have to work for what you want and stay at it, the only time you really fail is when you don’t try or when you give up.
How’s your fitness journey going? Need any advice? Comment below!


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